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Bulk SMS Gateway is a software utility that enables you to send and receive text messages conveniently over GSM cellular telephone networks from your PC.

Our SMS Gateway offers your business a hosted messaging platform to SMS-enable any application, website or system. We give you the immediate capability to deliver and receive messages to and from any application, via our worldwide coverage.

Our SMS gateway software is highly robust and scalable. It can manage a peak load for 1500 messages per second. It offers multiple operator connectivity and provide real-time Load distribution, priority based routing and auto SMSC failover support. The platform offers intelligent routing, load distribution, real time manipulation and dynamic capacity management. To know more about the bulk SMS Gateway provider, please visit Contact Us


mNatives offers subscriber management facilities, including Specific Region Barring. The platform is capable of categorizing the messages as Promotional messages, Real Time alerts and Priority based messages and provides spam free environment with inbuilt anti-spamming capabilities.

Listed below are some mNatives’ SMS Gateway features:

  • Administration panel to enable/ disable a connectivity, load distribution, barring of submission based on service provider as well as operator/circle of a particular service provider and alert message type implementation
  • Intelligent routing for Load balancing, Capacity Allocation, Submission Control for efficient and maximum throughput and Alternative Routing in case of failures
  • Buffer Scheduling and Delivery Report handling
  • Monitoring Service Provider performance over a time frame, Connectivity efficiency, Delivery performance, Real Time Counters and Downtime report

Multiple connectivity protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS/SMPP3.4 are supported by our SMS gateway software. For pushing SMS, mNatives provides various modes:

  • mNatives white labeled Web interface.
    You get a Web interface which can be fully branded as per your requirements
  • mNatives API : HTTP/S
    You can use the SMS Messaging Web Service HTTP API to send one or hundreds of text messages in seconds. The interface is simple to integrate with, particularly from websites and scripting languages such as Perl, Javascript and PHP and quick to setup. Ref to our HTTPS section.
  • mNatives SMPP
    The Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol (SMPP) is an open, light weighted, efficient and high performance protocol for sending SMS messages. Connecting with SMPP allows fast and big volumes of SMS messages to be sent, around 100 messages per second. For more detail visit out mNatives SMPP section.
  • mNatives XML
    XML makes it simple to integrate legacy systems to our SMS gateway. It provides excellent interoperability amongst heterogeneous systems and is, of course, language independent. Refer to mNative XML API.
  • mNative Com objects
    You can interface using our COM components, if you are connecting from a Windows-based programming environment. Our SMS API’s rich set of methods and definitions makes it easy for you to integrate SMS sending into your applications or .asp pages. Refer to mNative COM compnents Object.
  • mNatives FTP
    FTP API is provided for clients who want to upload large batches of individual messages in an automated way, for instance via a script. For more details visit mNative FTP section.

Through mNatives you are provided real time delivery reports. We provide delivery report in two ways:

  • Your URL is configured at our end and as soon as the dlr is received from the operator's end, it is forwarded to your URL.
  • We also provide an API through which you can fetch delivery reports.
  • Delivery reports on SMPP are also provided by mNatives


Listed below are a few benefits of SMS gateway.

Why mNatives SMS Gateway:

  • Security - mNatives is the only provider that offers secure SMS powered by a secured infrastructure.
  • Reliability - mNatives offers redundant bulk SMS gateway combined with multi sync datacenters to address the single point of failure issues.
  • Flexible packaging - Our flexible packaging can support any business or project size, from a few messages a day to millions.
  • FastTrack Solution - SMS Gateway Suite is a high performance solution packed with modules and features to save your significant time and resources in development and launch.
  • A-Z Service launch - mNatives takes care of program application, leasing the short codes, managing carrier compliance and will help you with testing - and it is all free!
  • Live Support - We are committed to a maximum two hour response time for regular technical questions during our normal operating hours. We usually answer questions posted on our forums within an hour.
  • Management Team - mNatives Management Team has a proven track record in mobile information technology, and security across global networks and the wireless environment.


mNatives SMS Gateway, a world class software product, allows you to exploit the potential of mobile messaging. It provides highest performance, availability and security to run your most demanding SMS applications. Few salient features of mNative SMS Gateway software are:

  • 1500 SMS messages / second (sending)
  • 1000 SMS message / second (receiving)
  • 500+ simultaneously connected applications
  • 150+ concurrent SMSC connections
  • Short code with suffix support. More than 20,000 short codes integrated successfully.
  • Long code support is also provided. Successfully integrated 100+ long codes /virtual numbers.

Concerning reliability of bulk SMS gateway works 24/7. It manages network link failures and SMS service provider failures with automatic reconnect capability, backup routing and fail-safe load balancing. Message loop protection is also included to avoid threats caused by auto responding mobile messaging services. For high-availability, a mNatives SMS Gateway cluster can be setup with two or more nodes.